Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The early bird should wake up her children

I am seizing the 15 minute opportunity to get some writing done while the kids miraculously sleep in. They prove that our internal clocks know and understand what a summer break is all about. How did they adjust from waking up by 7:30 to just being able to sleep and sleep? Would Rosie and I make that much racket getting her ready for school?

Speaking or Rosa and school she is very modest. She came home with the state handwriting championship and accompanying article in the paper the next day, not to mention gold honor roll each grading period. If I can't find our scanner and get it hooked up I will take the paper to kinkos (or whatever they have here) and get it posted. She said when I post about her she gets embarrassed so we agreed, NO MORE MENTION OF HER bodily functions including allergies or hair or acne. Nothing. Cannot even say she is sick. In return, I can post day to day family stuff in which she was included. Fair enough.

Rosa and S., her best friend from school, have been spending a lot of time together and I like to see that. They are so cute. We went to the awesome library yesterday, yes me and 5 in tow, and when we picked up S. she said, "Riri, how do you like my new haircut?"

This is Rosie and S. on the playground, and I have no clue who the suspicious lady in the background is. This park is shouting distance from S.'s house and easy walking distance for the rest of us. I love our neighborhood, like Austin when I was a kid, they just ride bikes back and forth, walk to the park or the store. Cheyenne is a great city to raise kids. (Later I will probably go on about the best library ever with it's own kid's floor and play bus bookmobile art installation...)

Mike put the boys to work scrubbing an engine. That's all I can say about this except that Tommy put the steel "tooth brush" in his mouth. Nice. I guess this engine will be for the Chiraco although It could be for "Dad's car that was crushed by the tree that fell down on it." I think I have a photo of the wiring spread all over the basement.

Theresa is talking to Texas Telli looking for the golden triangle of destiny. I have been hearing too much about Telli and his triangles lately. They found a golden triangle of destiny in the laundromat. and then minesota mel tried to take it. Baby bear also loves triangles. I know this like a fact. I think Telli's triangle tossing competition vest looks like a sad relic of the 80's. Now jack black is telling us about octogons.


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