Sunday, May 31, 2009

Monday already

Okay everybody, Rosie scored a goal on the last game of the season. She is awesome!

As some people know, sleeping arrangements Friday night were odd at best, especially for Mike who dozed off on the floor half on Cleo's dog bed watching O'riley Factor. I tried to wake him up to move to bed because he had a TRIATHLON early Saturday morning. He would not budge. At the same time Rosie fell to sleep in the boys' room watching iCarly, but both of the boys fell to sleep upstairs...Tommy in my bed playing with Dad's old hotwheels from childhood and Mikey on the couch. Theresa and I had no choice but to sleep in the guest bed.

Anyway, Mike was up early and off the the race, then I got the kids out the door to go to the finish line to watch him cross at around 9, forgot the camera, but we were all there and the weather was beautiful. We saw him pass on the cycling leg. He looked hot or sunburned when he started off on the run, and he says that was the worst time for him. The whole thing gave us both renewed comittment to fitness. I guess being there so early in the morning and having the whole family show up to watch is good for all of us.

Jes was at the house when we got back there and I made some buckdwheat pancakes with applesauce in them. Very quickly we changed, got everyone ready and went out the door to the last soccer game of the season. Agian, beautiful weather and sunshine plus the all of us being there got Rosie motivated and she scored a goal!

Next post I will tell about Mikey's friend Peyton, the garden and Tommy's progress.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Today was busy

Tatya sleeps next to me, breathing almost imperceptibly the way only small babies do, and I will do some updates.

What a day. I skipped the 9:30 MOM's event for which I RSVP'd "yes" because Mikey had the bathroom problems which ended in a diaper rash (which you can get even when wearing cotton underpants). It did take us all morning to get everyone fed and bathed and clothed and presentable for an outing with dad while mom sat in the dentist chair listening to the first really interesting woman I have met so far in Cheyenne. Linda.

I know practically everything there is to know now. Her best friend had a granola upbringing, while she came from the midwest somewhere very Catholic with 13 Catholic churches and nearly as many Catholic schools. She has lost a sibling, is somewhat estranged from her strange mother, and is not appreciated for calling a spade a spade. Her only son is coming for dinner and she "will see" how that goes.

This lady is interesting because she told me her entire family history, a recipe for chickory with almond milk and stevia as a coffee substitute, and knew that I had been raised someplace without flouride in the water. She knew also that I had many sibblings by something I said which could not have been much because I was at the dentist. The most interesting conversation in a while.

When I got home of course I was hungry and couldn't eat so fed the baby who had gone without nursing for like 3 hours, and just listened while the boys proceded to hide everything they could find behind a pair of speakers in the living room. And whoever at Rose Art or Crayola who though up the idea of those fistfull of markers that make animal noises when you close them, it doesn't work. They just find the tiney little trigger and carry the open fist size marker everywhere while it says "mooo" or something. Those were all over the living room when I came out of Grandma's room.

When Rosie got home, I asked her to put every toy and marker in a large clear plastic bin for me, while I started dinner and Mikey screamed, "Don't take my toys to donate!" Was i that maniacle? How many times had I threatened to just pick up the mess and take it all to the Goodwill for some one who wants it?

Dinner was pork tenderloin cooked on the grill with asparagus and biscuits then off to the soccer game. I have to say Rosa did not play with enthusiasm, and I think she is under the weather (because she said she had a runny nose and I saw her coughing, maybe allergies to spring). Mikey has a girlfriend her sits on her soccer ball while he tries to play and asks him questions. He gave her one of his snacks, and asked her her name then said, "say it louder, I can't uderstand."

Tommy got cold playing in the evening wind, and he was very cranky. Unless it happened while I was at the dentist there was no nap. We went throught a drive through for coffee and cookies on the way home, and made plans for Uncle Jes to come this weekend. Rosie has her last ga


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Friday, May 22, 2009

so dainty and pretty


Wednesday, May 20, 2009



project bag


Monday, May 18, 2009


update one - walking talking and potty training

Mike and Tommy walkin

We worked outside this weekend, and the house inside is a wreck.  Tommy enjoys walking around with Mike and sort of discussing things, like to the left there is "blue ball" and I think he is pointing out a spot I weeded the day before.  He is now in the sweetpeas class twice a week for 2 hours.  They are so cute because everyone sings when it is pickup time. He is not afraid to be left, and I think he wants to go more often, because he asks to be driven to "teacher."

His brother, however, is jealous.  He wants to go to school too, but he is of a certain age (3) where he would have to have far fewer accidents to be allowed in a regular 3 year old class (at St. Mary's anyway).  We'll see what I can find, our options are limited by the size of  the city and the fact that the facilities on base are full, but most of all I do not want to send Mikey to a private home.  That would defeat the purpose: socialization.  I can look  after him at home.  I want him to meet kids, and interact with other adults who expect him to follow rules too.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Garden update

Ready to get out and take some photos. Mom, the bulbs which came up first are red tulips, but the boys ate them all to shreds one morning this week. There are dark pink tulips in back which have not been demolished yet. Are they dangerous to eat?

There are some plants which look like peppers and other goodies out back, so I will take photos and post. Maybe I will identify them. The dandelions are obvious, and Mikey picks them out of the yard with a giant pair of salad tongs, but of course they pop right back.

To the right is the low shrub which grows along the back windows.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

While Mother Mary Prays

Blissfully, solemnly holding baby Jesus in her arms cast white porcelain Mother Mary prays over the button and bead flowers that my Rosa made for me at least four mothers days ago.  I think to myself that somewhere I have a digital photo, but I have over 13,000 poorly labeled digital images spanning two laptops and an external drive.  Why keep them if I cannot find them?  I go through this thought process often re: linens, art supplies, gift wrap and craft supplies, spices in the kitchen cabinet and even clothes in the closet.

Mothers' day is as good as any time to reexamine the goals I set out in the beginning of the year.  The simple list, as one reader commented, of not so simple tasks.  Almost to the halfway point I am ready to regroup and see how I am doing (there is a word for this...).


Friday, May 1, 2009

Mike's Dad in Vietnam
Mike's Mom in Paris taken by her husband on their honeymoon. WOW.

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