Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Long lost Mom

There are so many times I wanted to update for you guys but imagine keeping the house ready to show at any second without somehow abusing the three babies. Yea, some things we choose over others.

1. We got a firm renter lined up for the 4th Ave. house. This means we move soon: next Wednesday through Friday.

2. Rosie and Mikey are doing indoor soccer on the base. I like this. No wind, cold etc., dragging Tatya out into the freezing so I won't let Rosie down by being the mom who stays in the car.

3. Tommy is progressing in leaps and bounds (literally running, climbing, jumping), talking in sentences and asking for thinks clearly. Last night he couldn't sleep and came upstairs asking for "paper, Mommy, paper" so I gave him paper and pen and got him cozy on the couch. "Making my letters," he explained.

4. Tatya will not be encouraged to motor around very easily. I work with her standing, but she is not interested in crawling. She just lifts her arms into the air and says, "Up."
She never turns down food. Ever. She has four teeth now, too (photos soon, after we move, promise).

5. Mikey rides his bike like a champ! We rode to the library this weekend it was awesome. He knows to stop and wait at the corner, how to take bumps and use the coaster brake.

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