Friday, January 11, 2008

Izmir it is

Tomorrow is my DH's last day here before he heads back to Turkey. He was in Izmir for the last six months, and has been home for RNR for 27 days. He has another six months there and we have not even gotten orders yet for the next assignment. The good news is that we (me and my three plus Mom) will be spending up to 90 days there this summer. How awesome does a European vacation sound? Our house there has plenty of room for all, a great view, and is very near the sea.

The difficulty is in our two homes in Austin. We have to lease them both and/ or sell the other. I know, boohoo, still, it is a lot of running around, making calls, meeting agents, contractors, landscapers, stagers, etc. This can be trying on everyone when the homeowner always tries to bring three small children along (that would be me).

The Northwest hills home has excellent curb appeal, schools, zip code, neighborhood and everything. It is already staged and has been on the market. It should not be the time eater. The house we live in now, however, will have to be shown while we still live here! Imagine keeping things tidy enough twenty-four-seven for a visit from a prospective tenant at the drop of the hat. As it is, I cannot even answer the front door when the babies are in the tub or on the bed or out back playing, whatever.

I also have to pack all of our belongings, ship some to the as of yet unknown next duty station, keep what we need and I am not even sure what else. What if I have trouble leasing/ selling the houses?

Enough for now because I am stressing myself out.


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