Sunday, January 27, 2008

Still Blue

Not as tired as the first two weeks after his departure although just as busy, I have managed to carve out this time to myself for two of the last three Sundays. The Complete Jane Austen, this week is Mansfield Park, pleasant television in the background of bedtime for babies and young girls.

As Rosie has been working on her cataloging and categorizing of rocks found in the creeks of central Texas. Her samples are lined up on the mantle each numbered in it's own babyfood jar, out of reach of toddlers. She has recorder physical observations and tested for hardness. We have gathered reference materials and have the supplies for the stand.

I have much work of my own: letters to write, books to catalog,emails to send, pictures to upload, blogs to write, and so much more.

It looks like DH is at a conference in Naples, and I eagerly await an email with the details and maybe pictures. I wonder, for example, what are his accommodations, or does he have any time to sight see?

Surprisingly the boys are both asleep despite getting two teeth each. Rosie is of course all tuckered out from working hard. I am proud of her.


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