Friday, April 24, 2009

some pictures at the park

I love this man: the father of my little ones, the man who makes my life so happy and filled with everyday joy. Everywhere we go, I love. Every home we make is ours because we are there. I admire him for his devotion to God, family and country. He is a truly honorable man. And handsome too! He has been through so much and always keeps his cool. He is brilliant (aerospace engineer), and talented in the arts, charming, funny, a good dancer, well built, fit and good looking. He is a wonderful father and husband: very traditional, strong and reliable, mechanically inclined and hard working. I hope he knows how much I think about and love him everyday because with so much to get done, it seems certain details can get lost in the shuffle.

I know it is my responsibility to make him as happy as he does me.



Lori E said...

I get the feeling you make him as happy as he makes you. What a beautiful tribute to your man. I hope he reads it too.
I am so glad to see you in my list of followers. Thanks for stopping in.

Dana and Daisy said...

precious photos of your children and their daddy! He must be happy that his wife is so proud of him! Men mostly want to be respected, or so I've heard. He sure has yours!

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