Thursday, May 28, 2009

Today was busy

Tatya sleeps next to me, breathing almost imperceptibly the way only small babies do, and I will do some updates.

What a day. I skipped the 9:30 MOM's event for which I RSVP'd "yes" because Mikey had the bathroom problems which ended in a diaper rash (which you can get even when wearing cotton underpants). It did take us all morning to get everyone fed and bathed and clothed and presentable for an outing with dad while mom sat in the dentist chair listening to the first really interesting woman I have met so far in Cheyenne. Linda.

I know practically everything there is to know now. Her best friend had a granola upbringing, while she came from the midwest somewhere very Catholic with 13 Catholic churches and nearly as many Catholic schools. She has lost a sibling, is somewhat estranged from her strange mother, and is not appreciated for calling a spade a spade. Her only son is coming for dinner and she "will see" how that goes.

This lady is interesting because she told me her entire family history, a recipe for chickory with almond milk and stevia as a coffee substitute, and knew that I had been raised someplace without flouride in the water. She knew also that I had many sibblings by something I said which could not have been much because I was at the dentist. The most interesting conversation in a while.

When I got home of course I was hungry and couldn't eat so fed the baby who had gone without nursing for like 3 hours, and just listened while the boys proceded to hide everything they could find behind a pair of speakers in the living room. And whoever at Rose Art or Crayola who though up the idea of those fistfull of markers that make animal noises when you close them, it doesn't work. They just find the tiney little trigger and carry the open fist size marker everywhere while it says "mooo" or something. Those were all over the living room when I came out of Grandma's room.

When Rosie got home, I asked her to put every toy and marker in a large clear plastic bin for me, while I started dinner and Mikey screamed, "Don't take my toys to donate!" Was i that maniacle? How many times had I threatened to just pick up the mess and take it all to the Goodwill for some one who wants it?

Dinner was pork tenderloin cooked on the grill with asparagus and biscuits then off to the soccer game. I have to say Rosa did not play with enthusiasm, and I think she is under the weather (because she said she had a runny nose and I saw her coughing, maybe allergies to spring). Mikey has a girlfriend her sits on her soccer ball while he tries to play and asks him questions. He gave her one of his snacks, and asked her her name then said, "say it louder, I can't uderstand."

Tommy got cold playing in the evening wind, and he was very cranky. Unless it happened while I was at the dentist there was no nap. We went throught a drive through for coffee and cookies on the way home, and made plans for Uncle Jes to come this weekend. Rosie has her last ga


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