Tuesday, May 5, 2009

While Mother Mary Prays

Blissfully, solemnly holding baby Jesus in her arms cast white porcelain Mother Mary prays over the button and bead flowers that my Rosa made for me at least four mothers days ago.  I think to myself that somewhere I have a digital photo, but I have over 13,000 poorly labeled digital images spanning two laptops and an external drive.  Why keep them if I cannot find them?  I go through this thought process often re: linens, art supplies, gift wrap and craft supplies, spices in the kitchen cabinet and even clothes in the closet.

Mothers' day is as good as any time to reexamine the goals I set out in the beginning of the year.  The simple list, as one reader commented, of not so simple tasks.  Almost to the halfway point I am ready to regroup and see how I am doing (there is a word for this...).


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